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PhotoMix review by craftyaunt from 3Scrapateers

Photo Mix is a quick and inexpensive why to scrap your memories.

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PhotoMix review by phardy1945 from 3Scrapateers

PhotoMix is a very user-friendly scrapbooking software with step-by-step tutorials, over 700 free templates and other free graphics as well.

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PhotoMix review by hrhKimmi from 3Scrapateers

Yep! This is definitely worth the price!
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PhotoMix review by Kerri Horton from 3Scrapateers

PhotoMix is a great software program for anyone who is new starting out with digital scrapbooking AND it is a wonderful program for any photographer that wants to quickly and easily come up with a nice photo collage.
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PhotoMix review by Audrey Burke from 3Scrapateers

Photomix -- a great beginning digital scrapbooking software, especially for the price of $29.00.
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PhotoMix review by Karen Halgren from 3Scrapateers

When I first opened PhotoMix I was a little bit nervous about using it.
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What Grandma Knows

Larien says: "PhotoMix is very small about painting; rather it is about "pretty layout". You have your "project" (it is more like Grandma's album page); you select photos, lay them out, and then decorate. Sounds simple? As simple as it must be!"
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Back to School Scrapbook

My daughter is in the third grade now. 1st of September always makes parents quite agitated while their children treat the date as some inevitable annoyance.

Well, it's time to get hold of my camera and start taking pictures. In the evening, when I get back from work, I will surely be confronted with a poser of printing the whole bunch of 50 photos or selecting best ones from the pile. Selecting means abandoning some pictures, which I quite surely do not want to do.
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Making a Collage Wallpaper

Being a great movie lover, I've recently started a movie wallpaper website. As it is a hobby project and I don't have much time to fill it with sufficient numbers of quality contents, the idea was to encourage my visitors to share their works with others. The problem I confronted was: people were eager to contribute to the project, but most works were quite poor to be displayed. It was essential to provide volunteers with a reliable, user friendly and inexpensive tool for achieving good results, and this was my job now. I've surfed all the web trying various products, and finally tried PhotoMix by fCoder Group, which turned out to be quite the thing for the task. I liked it and my visitors seem to widely use it.
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"How I make scrapebooks" by Scrapebooking Addict

By Scrapebooking Addict

I've always been a great fan of scrape booking - some of my friends even call me "scrapebooking addict" :). Just since I got a computer it's been a problem how to make a digital scrapebook. When I got a digital camera (my favorite Canon) - it made it even worse. The problem was that now I have planty of digital photos and it'a been a pain to print them to make scrape books. I tried a several softwares - but they all were too complicated. And I seeked for something very simple.

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