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Making a Collage Wallpaper


Being a great movie lover, I've recently started a movie wallpaper website. As it is a hobby project and I don't have much time to fill it with sufficient numbers of quality contents, the idea was to encourage my visitors to share their works with others. The problem I confronted was: people were eager to contribute to the project, but most works were quite poor to be displayed. It was essential to provide volunteers with a reliable, user friendly and inexpensive tool for achieving good results, and this was my job now. I've surfed all the web trying various products, and finally tried PhotoMix by fCoder Group, which turned out to be quite the thing for the task. I liked it and my visitors seem to widely use it for making collages.

Some may ask: I have Photoshop; why do I need any other software to work with images?
Here's what I say:
Using PhotoShop for the purpose of creating wallpapers is just like trying to shoot down a pigeon with a cannon ball. To understand my idea one can compare a couple hundred pages of Photoshop manual to the small PhotoMix tutorial below:

1. Take a handful of images - as many as you wish:

2. Position and re-position your images on "paper" of any size. You can do it manually or apply one of dozens of layouts already present in PhotoMix:

3. Make your images "mix" into one another - use any borders you like. You may also alter images by applying various filters to them:

4. If necessary, add some text to your project:

5. Save your work as an image or set a desktop wallpaper right from the program:

And - that's it. You can spend an hour making a collage wallpaper with Photoshop, or achieve the same result in 5 steps with PhotoMix.

If you take into consideration this - and the price policy, which is also very important - the answer to the above question becomes quite evident.

Impressed? Download free trial version of PhotoMix and enjoy!
August 31, 2006 


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