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"How I make scrapebooks" by Scrapebooking Addict

By Scrapebooking Addict

I've always been a great fan of scrape booking - some of my friends even call me "scrapebooking addict" :). Just since I got a computer it's been a problem how to make a digital scrapebook. When I got a digital camera (my favorite Canon) - it made it even worse. The problem was that now I have planty of digital photos and it'a been a pain to print them to make scrape books. I tried a several softwares - but they all were too complicated. And I seeked for something very simple.
Then I found PhotoMix. It was just the right thing for me - simple enough to use, and with a bunch of powerful features. Now I just add photos to PhotoMix, select layout, apply some effects (I like masks best of all), use clipart to add some pizzaz. And here I am. :) Some of scrape books I print out, some leave only as digital ones. For me PhotoMix is the best computer scrapebooking software! And so now I'm not only scrapebooking addict - I'm PhotoMix addict too!-)
August 17, 2006 


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