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Getting Started

Learn how to create your first scrapbook using PhotoMix.
Adding photos to Photos List
The first thing you need to do is to select photos you'll be working with.
Choosing a composition
Compositions allow you to allign photos on page automatically. It gives your scrapbooks neat look.
Adding photos to project
Now you need to add photos to your project.
Increasing photo size
Better then crop! In PhotoMix you can increase and decrease your photos within frame. It gives you better results then crop because you never actually lose any part of your photo. It's just hidden.
Scrolling photos
Now that you've increased photo you can move photo within frame to find the part you need.
Selecting frames in a project
Various actions can be done to frames. But before you can do anything, you need to select a frame.
Applying borders to photos
Finally we came to borders. Borders give your photos a unique loook and can completely change the mood of your scrapbook. Additional borders can be found in PhotoMix Addins.
Adding and editing text
Headings and journalling are essential parts of a good scrapbook. PhotoMix provides you instruments for that.
Save project as photo
And now that your creation is ready - what would you like to do with it? Let see how you can save it as a graphic file.


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