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Thanksgiving Scrapbooking

Create your Thanksgiving scrapbooks easily with PhotoMix!
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Thanksgiving is a holiday when the whole family gathers together. It's a great time, a precious time that you spend with your family. Eat turkey, talk, have fun - and take photos.
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PhotoMix is a Windows software for digital scrapbooking

Take as many photos as you can. Take photos of all family members and of all small details that help to preserve the spirit of Thanksgiving - turkey, decorations and so on. You will need that photos when creating large Thanksgiving scrapbook.
There is another thing that you will need to create Thanksgiving scrapbook - PhotoMix scrapbooking software. With PhotoMix digital scrapbooking is very easy, because you can take ready templates and concentrate on photos. So you can make more scrapbook pages in less time.

Just follow these easy steps:

That's all!

View flash tutorial and learn how to create digital scrapbooking layout in less then 1 minute from these templates with PhotoMix (example based on Halloween template).

Templates available in Thanksgiving Addin:
(you can use them only with PhotoMix)
Size: 11x8,5
Size: 11x8,5
Size: 12x12
Size: 12x12
Size: 11x8,5
Size: 11x8,5


March 22, 2007 


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