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The Purpose of Scrapbooking and How Digital Scrapbooking Software Can Help Simplify Your Hobby


Remember the days when a photo album was just a photo album? They were all pretty much the same, although they had differently styled covers. You peel back the sticky paper, press your photographs inside, replace the sticky film and watch your pictures turn yellow over time. Outside of the yellowing effect caused by the materials in the photo albums, there was nothing wrong with this type of photo album — it was an effective way of keeping pictures in one place and giving others an excuse to take a look at them.

Then, scrapbooking happened and the acid-free craze hit. There was acid-free this and acid-free that, at least when it came to pens, paper — even embellishments for scrapbook pages. People were more and more obsessed with not only preserving their pictures and ridding themselves of that troublesome yellowish tint but finding creative ways to do it. The manner of preserving photographs has transformed yet again, and in the digital age digital scrapbooking may very well be the next big thing.

While many people fail to see the many benefits of digital scrapbooking, many people who have been introduced to digital programs for scrapbooking like PhotoMix just can’t do without it. This is because it takes all of the mess and the fuss out of a hobby that is a great deal of fun otherwise. It could be said that preserving your memories with traditional scrapbooking is like going to a great party — it’s always fun to participate, but nobody ever wants to clean up — no matter how necessary it is. The same can be said for this hobby, but when things are done digitally there are no small bits of paper or supplies to clean up and pack up after you are done for the day.

Another great benefit of scrapbooking with software like PhotoMix is that it is hard to be at a loss for scrapbook ideas. With more than a thousand digital scrapbook layouts available on the PhotoMix website free of charge, there is virtually no end to the inspiration — that is, unless you plan on creating more than a thousand digital scrapbook pages.

What are you waiting for? If you love scrapbooking and you are at all handy with a personal computer, PhotoMix software just might be your new favorite thing. You never know until you try — just be careful not to get hooked!

April 20, 2009 


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