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A Photo Album is a Photo Album, Right? Top Three Reasons Why Digital Scrapbooking is For You


If you are a picture lover like so many out there, chances are that you are always looking for effective and creative ways to store your photos. When it comes to scrapbooking it seems that most people have missed the boat because a photo album is a photo album, and a scrapbook is no different—right? Wrong.

When it comes to digital pictures especially, simply having the photos on hand is not enough. Digital scrapbooking has created an effective and creative outlet for those who are looking to preserve and share their most prized digital memories. Here are a few reasons why digital scrapbooking may be just the right new hobby for you.

It Makes Sure Digital Prints are utilized

One of the reasons why digital photos are not as great as regular photos is that they are not as often developed. With traditional photography, development of the photo is the only way that a person can actually see their pictures. Digital photography is different; with most cameras, the final photo can be seen right on the screen or the computer so the need to develop them often diminishes over time. With digital scrapbooking with a software program like PhotoMix, the hundreds and hundreds of layouts provide just the right niches for people who are looking for a way to use those pictures that are cluttering up their hard drive.

It’s Neat and Easy

If you have ever done traditional scrapbooking before, chances are that you noticed the way that it is a bit messy at times. Small pieces of paper, slivers of this and that, tape, materials—this is the type of hobby that has a tendency to make a huge mess. With digital scrapbooking, it is much easier to put together amazing looking pages and there is no cut paper or anything left behind. That is the kind of thing that seals the deal for many a scrapbook lover.

It Uses Your Computer

Let’s face it; people are addicted to their computers. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing; they are one of the greatest resources that people have as far as staying in touch with the world is concerned. They can be used to keep in touch with friends and family, to take and store pictures, to book a flight, to rent a car, to find a place to live, to research for a paper or report—why not use them for scrapbooking as well? They cost enough; why not find yet another use for them that might not have normally been anticipated?

Digital scrapbooking is the new thing. Hop onboard and try the new PhotoMix software. With hundreds of layouts to choose from, there is something for just about anyone out there. If you have any scrapbook ideas in your head, put them to use on your digital photos and watch them come alive before your very eyes.

April 17, 2009 


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