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Baby Scrapbooks

When a child is born to your family, busy days begin for your photo camera. Happy parents will literally take pictures of every new move their baby learns. These pictures always make a good solid base for baby scrapbooks, but its very difficult for parents to make a quality scrapbook, as they are so pressed for time! When all free time is taken by the baby, there's none left for traditional scrapbooking. What a scrapbook needs is lots of manual work - you have to cut photos and stick them together, combine and recombine various elements of your scrapbook until you're satisfied with the resulting layout. This occupation takes much time and is rather tiresome. Besides, a traditional paper scrapbook is irreversible - that is, one minor mistake may ruin all your hard work.

That's why we offer you PhotoMix - a unique tool designed specially for creating high quality electronic collages from digital photos. Scrapbooking is easier and faster with PhotoMix. Use PhotoMix and don't be afraid to make a mistake or two, as now it's very easy to undo your actions and fix mistakes with a couple of mouse clicks. And - what's most important - making a professional scrapbook will only take several minutes of your valued time!

Another bonus of PhotoMix is its universal approach to scrapbooking which allows making collages of various moods and colors. Lots of add-ins to the program are created by professional artists and help you paint your collage the way you find best. Those who have small children will surely appreciate Sweet Baby Boy and Sweet Baby Girl packages designed especially for their needs.

Sweet Baby Boy add-in to PhotoMix scrapbooking software is designed especially for those who like taking pictures of their babies. Its layouts help make nicest scrapbooks to be presented to the boy's grandparents or to the boy himself once he is a grown-up. Feel free to experiment with the contents of your scrapbook until you're completely satisfied with the result of your work.

Sweet Baby Girl add-in to PhotoMix scrapbooking software is much like Sweet Baby Boy but presented in pink. Try various combinations of layouts, borders and clipart images to create outstanding Baby Girl scrapbooks. Distribute these scrapbooks among your relatives to let them feel how you feel being a parent to a newly born baby girl.

So. save your time and put aside glue and scissors - it's time for digital scrapbooking. And when your scrapbook is ready, just print it on photo paper and enjoy the result of your work.
August 17, 2006 


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