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Digital Photo Collages

Collage is probably one of most widely used techniques for source image procession. We see collages every day on magazine and CD covers, in newspapers and concert posters of popular musicians. The reason for collage being so popular is its ability to display several images as one, and the result of this approach is always very good and sometimes even outstanding.

However, collage is by no means a tool for professionals only. Photographers of all ranks have been using collage techniques in their works ever since photo cameras found their way into masses. Today, due to widest usage of digital photo cameras, collage is a logical conclusion of any photo session. Actually, collage today is what a single photo was yesterday.

There's always time when photographers ask themselves a question: which instrument for making collages is most suitable for their work? Thousands of photographers have already chosen PhotoMix - a program designed for quick creation of quality collages using photos of practically any quality. This is not surprising, as PhotoMix shipment pack includes everything needed to create a good, solid collage. And, at the same time, the program helps the user in their work by simplifying most stages of collage creation process.

Making collages with PhotoMix is very simple - you select photos for your collage, position them on virtual sheet of paper of the needed size, make corrections of the whole image or its parts, enclose photos into borders and apply suitable effects to your collage. Once you're through with these simple actions, you may print your collage or e-mail it in any convenient graphics format.

Even professional designers think that PhotoMix is of great help in their work. So, amateur photographers will find PhotoMix more than extensive for their everyday needs. Just have a look at the collages displayed below and see for yourself:

Making of such collages is a matter of several minutes - compare it to several hours or even days you'd spend studying complicated professional programs and working with them. So, if your goal is quick and easy creation of first-class posters, family portraits or greeting cards, PhotoMix is a choice of your wisdom. Use our program and save time for taking various pictures of your life - you'll always find a good place for them in PhotoMix collages.
September 22, 2006 


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