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Step 3: Open templates

There are one or more templates in some addins. The number of templates is usually specified in addin description.
If you have installed an addin with one or more templates, you can use these templates in PhotoMix.

There are 2 ways of opening a template:

  • launch PhotoMix after addin installation - in this case, the default template opens
  • to use other templates, open them from PhotoMix as a project

If you have installed an addin which contains a default template, you can open this template when addin installation process is finished.
Take the following actions:

  • once you have installed the addin, check the "Launch application and open example project" option in the installation window;
  • presss Finish button;
  • wait till PhotoMix is loaded.

If you have installed an addin containing one or several templates, do the following to open them:
  • launch PhotoMix;
  • On the File menu, click Open project or press Ctrl+O hotkey;
  • In the dialog box that appears, select the needed template from the list;
  • press Load button.

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