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PhotoMix 5.3 released

Download a new version to get the most of the easiest software for digital scrapbooking and collage making.

  • Print 12"x12" scrapbooks on any printer
    With PhotoMix 5.3 you can print 8.5"x11", 12"x12" or any other size scrapbook on any printer. PhotoMix will print it on several sheets of paper and you will be able to stick them together.
  • Save paper when printing large posters
    When printing on several pages PhotoMix will automatically select the best page orientation. It will allow you use exactly as much paper as required.
  • Fix digital photos with single click
    Some digital or scanned photos can have wrong color balance, brightness, contrast, or just look not as good as they could've. We have found a way to fix all these without getting into technical details. With single click. Try it with any photos on your layout and if you don't like the result just UNDO this change.
  • Extended UNDO
    You can experiment with your layout - add any photos, apply any effects, add or remove clipart, change background - and whenever you don't like the result, you can always go back to the previous step. You can undo any number of actions - even after working on layout for an hour you can go back to blank page. No matter how many changes you made.

There are also many interface changes intended to simplify creative work.
April 12, 2005 


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