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Julie Howard Presents Graphics for PhotoMix

Julie Howard and fCoder Group, Inc. are proud to announce the release of an additional graphics kit for PhotoMix - Bloom. This kit is specifically formated to be used with PhotoMix. It contains editable templates.

About Julie Howard:

I have always been creative, since I was a child I loved to paint and color. My mother is a watercolor artist so I spent a lot of time in the studio painting and learning art concepts with her. Surprisingly when it came time to make a career choice I went totally right-brained and majored in Accounting. I never enjoyed my career as an accountant. In 1999 I discovered Scrapbooking. I was looking for something to do at home with my newborn son and discovered scrapbooking. I was completely addicted to it right from the beginning. Scrapbooking brought me back to my love of creative work and I decided to make a career change.
So, I enrolled in graphic design school and now I am a graphic designer by trade. Part of my design classes involved learning the current software so I took some classes in Photoshop. After learning it I had a new perspective on scrapbooking and started to create my own elements and backgrounds. I stumbled upon digital scrapbooking forums on the internet and instantly know I had found my niche! I have been 100% digital scrapping since!

October 18, 2005 


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