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Calendars are great gifts during the holiday season when everyone is preparing for the coming year. However, generic calendars have become boring and unappreciated. Through these calendar templates, you can easily create personalized calendars for each and every person you would like to give a present to. Choose a template to match his or her personality and simply replace the placeholders with your favorite photos of them. You will be pleased to find that your present will be proudly displayed on their desks throughout the year.  

Calendars are Perfect Presents

Numerous reasons make calendars among the most common presents during the holiday season. Anyone can appreciate calendars and, as the year ends, it becomes one of the most practical presents anyone can receive. Also, calendars are inexpensive gifts especially when you’re on a tight Christmas budget. However, because calendars are very common presents, you would want to make sure that yours become the favorites. This is where the PhotoMix scrapbooking program comes in. With PhotoMix, you can be assured of keeping within your budget, personalized gifts, and that you will have fun making them as well.
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Baby Calendars 2008

Using our specially designed baby calendar templates, you can make perfect calendars using photos of your adorable little angel in just a few simple steps. After printing a copy, you will not only find yourself glancing at it from time to time for inspiration but also, you will see that everyone who sees it will simply adore your beloved bouncing baby.
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Calendars 2007

Scrapbookers often think that digital scrapbooking is limited to their computer screens. Although some have discovered the joy and benefits of printing physical copies of their scrapbooks, few realize that digital scrapbooking can also be functional.
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