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What is Digital Scrapbooking?

Crafts and hobbies seem to change a little bit with each generation. But one thing remains constant: people love to keep snapshots and memorabilia of their life experiences. No longer are those items hidden away in boxes. Today people are putting such things to good use. Scrapbooking has quickly taken the country by storm and people are creating amazing displays of their memories.

According to the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA), scrapbooking was originally thought of as just a trend. Over the years it has gained steadily in popularity and now the CHA reports that it is one of the most popular craft activities in the country. There is even a day set aside to celebrate the hobby. This year National Scrapbooking Day falls on Saturday, May 6.

Traditional Scrapbooking vs. Digital Scrapbooking

If you are new to scrapbooking altogether then you are in for a fun ride. Traditional scrapbooking can be a slow process in which the scrapbooker needs a lot of supplies. First you start with going through the photos to find the ones you want to use, and then you have to make sure you have the table space big enough for everything you need to work on a page. Then you need to haul out all the supplies, including paper, glue, scissors, stickers, and a whole host of other notions that are used to create these masterpiece pages.

Before pulling out all of these things, however, you should consider the newest and easiest form of scrapbooking: digital scrapbooking. Once you try it you will never go back to spending hundreds of dollars on supplies and filling your table with so much stuff to create one page. Take the headache out of scrapbooking by going digital!

What is digital scrapbooking?

Digital scrapbooking, also referred to as electronic or computer scrapbooking, is the easiest and newest way to save your personal memories and create spectacular-looking scrapbook and photo album pages. This form of scrapbooking is quickly becoming the most popular way to preserve memories. Instead of going through the hassle to create your memories the traditional scrapbooking way, you can create them using digital files. That’s where PhotoMix comes into the picture.

With our digital scrapbooking and photo collage software, we have taken the hassle out of scrapbooking. All you need to do is download our software and you are on your way to creating beautiful and unique pages with very little work. Our easy to use templates help you quickly and easily create a beautiful scrapbook page that will make others think you spent hours putting it all together. Once you learn how to use the software, you will agree that it’s more fun and much easier to scrapbook the digital way!

How it works

PhotoMix has taken the guesswork out of digital scrapbooking software. We have taken great steps to make sure that the software is easy for you to use and learn. Our easy to follow tutorials and templates will help you get started. We also offer a variety of graphic kits that you can choose from, including ones specific to going back to school and a variety of holidays. Our unique templates are ready scrapbooks that put you in the driver seat of creating a great page. All you need to do after selecting the template you would like to use is just simply drag and drop the photos onto the template. It's just that simple!

Instead of grabbing all those supplies for traditional scrapbooking, after downloading the software, just grab your photos. You can either put all those digital photos to good use that are sitting in your digital camera, or you can scan images that you would like to work with.

You can use the templates or graphic kits to start setting up your pages just the way you want them. You select the pictures you want to use on the page. Then you have the ability to zoom in on what you would like the photo to show. This zooming technology allows you greater control over what shows in each photo. Then you add the journaling or text you would like to the page and you have a finished page!

When you are finished

Traditional scrapbook pages can only be shared with others if they have the ability to see your scrapbook in person. With so many people today living away from extended family, people need a more convenient way to share memories. With digital scrapbooking, you can simply save your page and send it as an attachment. That way family and friends can see your great pages and even print them for themselves. Not only will they love to see your crafted memories, but they will be in awe of your skills when the see the beautiful pages.

You can also choose to print them on glossy photo paper and put them in frames or add them to your scrapbook and photo albums. Once you have the software you can easily create as many pages as you would like and with very little effort. You are only limited to your own imagination.

Having the ability to print and send these pages opens up an attire array of possibilities. You have the option to create beautiful pages for every occasion and holiday. You can give them away as framed gifts, use them to keep distant relatives feeling close, or save them in your own albums. With traditional scrapbooking you would have to do a page twice to be able to give one away and keep one. The PhotoMix software allows you to print as many copies of your page as you would like. Now everyone in the family can be included. Making albums for your entire family has never been easier.

Get started!

Don't hesitate to get started. Those digital photos have been sitting in your camera and in your computer for long enough. Create the pages that you have been wanting to! In the time you think about whether or not you want to give it a try you could have already created some great pages.

You can get started with digital scrabpooking by easily downloading the PhotoMix digital scrapbooking and photo collage software. This easy to use software comes with everything you need to create great scrapbook pages - except for the family photos, of course. Once you download the software, just choose an easy to use template and start dragging and dropping your photos onto the pages where you would like them to be. Zoom in on each photo as you would like, add any additional text and graphics and save your work. Then you are ready to print the page and share it with others. You'll wish you had found digital scrapbooking sooner!

Why use PhotoMix software?

Our digital scrapbooking and photo collage software is very easy to use. We offer a variety of templates and tutorials to help you every step of the way. Our templates make your digital scrapbooking experience very easy and enjoyable. We have templates that you can use to create pages for many occasions.

Don't worry you don't need to be a technical person that understands how the software is developed. Our software is very user friendly and easy to use. We want you to enjoy the art of digital scrapbooking and are confident that with our software you will. In addition, our customer service support is unmatched. We can quickly provide you with any customer service support you may need so you can be on your scrapbooking way! Also, be sure to sign up for our newsletter where you can be the first to learn about our new templates and additions to the software.
March 22, 2007 


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