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Wedding Scrapbooking

Wedding is a pretty rare occasion in a person's life, so you shoud be most serious about creating wedding scrapbooks. These scrapbooks will surely be viewed by lots of people (including your future children) and its their quality that will help the viewer feel the atmosphere of the moment.
Bad news is a good scrapbook may cost you pretty much if you have a professional scrapbook studio do it for you. Good news is once you own PhotoMix scrapbooking software you'll have even better scrapbooks absolutely free of charge.

PhotoMix is a unique tool for creating high quality professional collages for those who value their time and appreciate software usability. The program has lots of useful features, but the main one should be mentioned separately - the decision on how your scrapbook will look like and what it will contain is yours only.

You won't have to listen to importunate advice of designers and agree with their opinion - wrong from your point of view. It's you who will decide on the best layout for your scrapbook and decorate it the way you find best - and no so-called "professionals" will press their ideas upon you.

Besides, PhotoMix allows you to make use of its original clipart files and other collage elements available in add-ins to the program only. You may show your wedding in bright spring colors or have fun creating a "military wedding" scrapbook. Feel free to experiment - it won't cost you a dime. And if you've already been married for some time, spend a pleasant evening with your darling and make some fresh scrapbooks with your old wedding photos - this will surely bring your wedding day atmosphere to both of you.
September 04, 2006 


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