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Going back to school after summer vacations is a very important day for most children. As to their parents, this day is another proof to the fact that their child is the most brilliant one of all. The solemnity of the occasion goes along with touching and funny moments that are quite typical when school friends meet again. Do you want to keep these moments alive until the day your children grow up and think about school days with a kind of pleasant melancholy? Then, all you need is bring your camera to school and - later - spend a couple of minutes with PhotoMix to create excellent scrapbooks from your best photos.

Did we say "best"? Actually, any photos will do nicely. The good thing about scrapbooking is its ability to successfully combine photos of any quality, and do it in such a way that any part of the collage, any photo produces great impression. With PhotoMix you can make good use of photos which are seemingly useless due to unavoidable composition mistakes. Use PhotoMix to join photos together and make your scrapbook look quite finished and natural. Don't forget about original borders background patterns which add style and glamour to your collage.

Also, feel free to use thematic add-ins to the program. When it comes to "Back to school" occasion, you'll find "Old Friend" add-in to PhotoMix scrapbooking software especially useful for your tasks.

Finished? Print your scrapbook in the nearest photo lab and keep it. There'll surely come a day when your children will thank you for good time they had with their family while looking through images of their childhood.
September 25, 2006 


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