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Just like any other holiday, Halloween results in tons of photos and dozens of scrapbooks. A good scrapbook also makes a great Halloween greeting card for your nearst and dearest. And when it comes to digital scrapbooking on Halloween, there's no software that can beat PhotoMix with its Halloween add-in.
When you use PhotoMix, you pack lots of photos into several scrapbooks of high quality. Also, you save your good money by not consulting professional collage designers and getting a decent result for free. Another plus is the time you're saving - an electronic scrapbook will take minutes of your time while a paper collage needs several hours of hard work.

To achieve an outstanding result, PhotoMix offers original sets of collage elements, including various borders, effects and backgrounds. There's a thematic Halloween add-in to the program specially designed to help you save holiday atmosphere in your scrapbooks.
September 05, 2006 


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