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Finding Scrapbook Ideas: Ways to Get Inspiration for Your Digital Scrapbooking Project


One of the toughest parts of scrapbooking of any sort is coming up with ideas. It is easy to make every page the same, but that type of thing is what traditional photo albums are for. Digital scrapbooking is about taking advantage of the ease that technology offers by creating fun, inventive, and creative ideas about how to display your pictures for your friends and family to see. While this may sound easy, digital scrapbooking is a certain art and even the best of artists have a time where they just can’t seem to conjure up their own creativity. If this sounds like you, have no worries. Here are a few suggestions for how you can get some inspiration and come up with some great scrapbook ideas of your very own.

Go With a Theme

For those who are finding it difficult to come up with ideas, one of the best places to start is with a theme. Finding a theme is not hard if you think hard about your subject. For example, if you are centering a digital scrapbook page on your ten-year old grandson, think about what he likes and what he represents to you. Is he into football and soccer? If so, it may be helpful to have a sports theme. Find a digital layout that has the sports theme that you like, move your pictures around to the right spot for you, add a little bit of text and before you know it you have a final page. When you use a theme you might find that things are easier than you thought.

Start With a Layout

Another great tip for coming up with scrapbook ideas is to start with the layout page. With the PhotoMix digital scrapbooking software there are more digital layout pages than one could ever want. For that reason it is often helpful to start with the layout when thinking of ideas. Find a layout that you like and then go searching for pictures to fit it. From there, the rest will fall in line in no time at all, helping you to build a magnificent page from the bottom up with pictures that are centered on a certain idea, as the best of scrapbook pages are.

Jot Down Ideas as They Occur

True scrap bookers out there have inspiration all the time, especially as they become more involved in the hobby. When you take pictures, think about the types of layouts that you will use or the ideas that you have for the photos you are taking. If you see something and it causes you to think of a scrapbooking idea, jot it down for later. Then, when you get the time to sit down and put a project together you can pull out that sheet of paper and go through it. This will make putting together a few pages a whiz, especially if you have them planned out in advance.

Digital scrapbooking software like PhotoMix is a revolutionary way to approach the preservation and interpretation of your digital memories. If you are like anybody else you have a lot of digital pictures and nothing to do with them. Why not take advantage of the creativity that digital scrapbooking software affords and put those scrapbook ideas to work right away?

April 17, 2009 


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