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Digital Scrapbooking: The Easy Way Out or the Smart Way to Scrapbook?


For those out there who are at all into scrapbooking, chances are that you have at least heard about the digital scrapbooking movement. If so, it is easy to wonder what that implies, exactly; can scrapbooking really be done digitally? The answer to that is yes. With revolutionary digital scrapbooking software like PhotoMix, people are now able to accomplish the same feats when it comes to scrapbooking in a digital fashion that they would otherwise. While many people would find that this is a great idea, other scrapbooking enthusiasts might find themselves on the fence. Not everyone is as receptive to things that make life so much easier as one might think, even when it comes to rather simple things like digital scrapbooking software.

Rather than considering such a useful program as PhotoMix as the easy way out when it comes to digital scrapbooking, it is often useful to consider it as the smarter way to do things. While many people might choose to stick to their traditional scrapbooking methods, it is important to give something like PhotoMix a try.

It eliminates a lot of the extra steps and things that make traditional scrapbooking a complicated mess at times and allows for the fun part to be just that much more enjoyable; selecting pictures, creating themes, and preserving memories is the part of any form of scrapbooking that matters the most.

Digital scrapbooking allows for more time for the part of scrapbooking that is fun, eliminating the paper mess, supplies, tacky glue sticks, and other things that make traditional scrapbooking endeavors a bit more troublesome than they’re worth are eliminated. What does this mean to the average scrapbook aficionado? It leaves more time for life, more time for fun, and more time for scrapbooking—with less emphasis on the parts that nobody wants to deal with, like the cleanup.

For those out there who are wary of useful digital scrapbooking programs like PhotoMix, here is a bit of advice: give these digital programs a try. If you have a computer and some digital photographs to put to use, there is no harm in giving the program a try to see what it is all about. Any true scrapbook buff is bound to see the use in such an innovative piece of computer software, regardless of whether or not they are ready to fully convert. Who knows; give PhotoMix a try and you just might discover that digital scrapbooking is the next big thing for you.

April 17, 2009 


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