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Lundy Wilder

Lundy Wilder has been making 'Print Your Own' scrapbook designs for several years. In the early days of the scrapbooking hobby she realized that folks who did not live near a brick and mortar hobby store could really benefit by having access to downloadable scrapbooking designs so she got a computer and taught herself to use it. Her site, is one of the oldest and most popular scrapbooking websites. In addition to computer based projects, Lundy also enjoys mosaics, gardening, and dancing Zydeco. She was a stay-at-home mom to two sons and a foster son for many years. She now spends most of her time on the U.S. Gulf Coast and does volunteer work for her community and manages several websites for local businesses.

Tropical Vacation

Tropical Vacation Use this add-in to PhotoMix scrapbooking software to make your ordinary photos look like you've just returned from a tropical vacation. Being of high artistic value, Tropical Vacation add-in is a must-have for all scrapbooking addicts.


Rodeo Rodeo is another funny add-in to PhotoMix scrapbooking software. Have you ever been to a ranch? Now you don't have to actually be there to create a nice Ranch scrapbook. Just take any of your photos, switch to Ranch mode and make cowboy-style collages. Don't forget to put on a sombrero!


Music Are you a music fan? Stop wasting money on posters of your favorite bands! Instead, get PhotoMix scrapbooking software with Music add-in and make your own, better posters. You will also enjoy making original CD and DVD covers, booklets and scrapbooks in no more than several clicks.


Christmas Great Addin for your Christmas photos!


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