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Konstantin Melnikov

Hello! My name is Konstantin Melnikov, I'm photographer and scrapbook designer. When I first started doing photography professionally I found that original album design makes memories even more vivid. And then I started adding some design elements to my photo creations, and then it leaded me to full features scrapbooks.

Now that I have large collection of design templates, clipart and photo objects I'm glad to share it with PhotoMix users. I hope they will help you to create original scrapbook layouts!

A lot of Hearts

A lot of Hearts PhotoMix team is happy to provide you with a new addin to PhotoMix. It is called "Lots of Hearts" and designed specially for the coming Valentine's Day. You surely prefer to present your beloved with a gift made with your own hands. If so, the pack we are offering will be of much help. It contains lots of valentine card templates, including the simplest ones you'll be able to decorate with clipart pictures available in this addon. Thus, you'll have virtually unlimited number of borders!!! Funny robots will supply your collage with some action, several backgrounds of various colors will create the spirit of Valentine's Day, etc, etc - including lots, lots of hearts!

I Love You

I Love You Looking for a Valentine greeting card? Want to find something original? The best idea is to make one yourself! Get PhotoMix scrapbooking software together with I Love You add-in and make a nice Valentine greeting card in a few clicks. Be original!

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