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I discovered digital scrapbooking in 2003 and have been hooked ever since. I still occasionally do paper scrapbooking but have found digital to be less expensive, less messy and much quicker. My scrapping style is Simple so as not to draw attention away from my photos. I'm married, have four children and two grandchildren. We live in Central Illinois.


Freedom Another great addin by Bluize. Suitable for military, father's day, or 4th of July scrapbooks.

Fall Colors

Fall Colors Fall Colors

Sweet Baby Boy

Sweet Baby Boy Sweet Baby Boy add-in to PhotoMix scrapbooking software is designed especially for those who like taking pictures of their babies. Its layouts help make nicest scrapbooks to be presented to the boy's grandparents or to the boy himself once he is a grown-up. Feel free to experiment with the contents of your scrapbook until you're completely satisfied with the result of your work.

Sweet Baby Girl

Sweet Baby Girl This add-in to PhotoMix scrapbooking software is much like Sweet Baby Boy but presented in pink. Try various combinations of layouts, borders and clipart images to create outstanding Baby Girl scrapbooks. Distribute these scrapbooks among your relatives to let them feel how you feel being a parent to a newly born baby girl.

Bluize`s Back to School

Bluize`s Back to School It's Back to School time!  This kit is perfect for your K-8th grade school pictures.
Bright colors and fun elements will make lasting memories for any child.


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