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4th of July Scrapbooking

July 4th, 2007 Offer
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4th of July is the birthday of America as we know it today. On this day of 1776 the Congress voted for independence of the country from England and Democracy was born. 4th of July is celebrated all over the country; it is a truly national holiday of utmost importance.

4th of July is a great day for all US citizens. Besides, it is an extra day off in the middle of Summer. Surely, it will keep you busy until late at night, as there are so many places to visit and things to do. Make sure to see the parade in the morning and a baseball match in the afernoon, have a picnic or a festive dinner with your relatives and watch the fireworks in the evening.

Oh, one more thing - make sure to take photographs of the day.

Try and take as many pictures as possible. 4th of July occurs once a year, and it would be unwise to let all these bright moments of the day disappear forever. Especially now, when you have a stunning opportunity to turn that pile of unorganized photos into several brilliant scrapbooks with the help of PhotoMix scrapbooking software.

PhotoMix will do all the routine job for you. You won't have to invent a suitable background or spend hours positioning and repositioning your photos on the sheet of paper. The program will do it for you. All you have to do is specify which photos you want to use in your collage and issue a few simple commands to the program. That's how great PhotoMix scrapbooks are made. Print them in the nearest photo lab, save them in your computer photo album or send it to your friends and relatives by email right out of the program. Be sure that watching and sharing these scrapbooks will be fun right up to the next 4th of July!

Flash TutorualTutorial - 1 minute
View flash tutorial and learn how to create digital scrapbooking layout in less then 1 minute from these templates with PhotoMix (example based on Halloween template).

June 20, 2006 


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